Thursday, July 20, 2017

Google Sheets 4 quandrant / bubble chart / magic quandrant

Here is a Magic Quadrant template in Google sheets.   If you have been looking for an easy way to create one of these bubble charts to pitch your great ideas to the execs, then look no further.  I found a few templates in Excel but they seemed overly complex.

Just give me the chart!  -->  HERE

2 sheets - one for data and one for the chart

The background of the chart is transparent so it is just using the background color of the cells to highlight the quadrants.   Use the cells to create boxes around key areas of the chart like the legend.

The data sheet is as follows:

Bubble Title:  Text highlighted over each bubble
Legend:  Defines the color of the bubble
x-Axis:  In my case I needed to add a couple values for the x Axis so you will see 2 of them and the x axis has a range of 0-10   (actually 0-11 defined on the chart to allow for padding)
y-Axis: Simple range from 0-5 (actually 0-6 defined on the chart to allow for padding)

Bubble TitleLegendX Axis PlusY AxisBubble SizeX Axis Plus
OK to changeOK to changeOK to changeOK to changeOK to change
IdeaTypeTraffic STMConfidence Impact
Idea 1Internal5555
Idea 2Internal2332
Idea 3External5444
Idea 4External2553
Idea 5External1442
Idea 6External2331
Idea 7External2222
Idea 8Exec5133
Idea 9Internal2244
Idea 10CX4115
Idea 11CX2214
Idea 12CX, SEO2113
Idea 13Internal2312

Hope this saves you some time!

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